- Community Service and Giving Back -

CHARITYVEHICLE.ORG operates under a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and has a long, proud tradition of giving back to our local communities. We know it is the right thing to do, and it is one of our great accomplishments. We have a social responsibility to positively impact our neighborhoods and the environment. Our company, employees, and owners donate countless hours to many charitable organizations and platforms throughout the country. 

Particularly working with charities in an effort to address the needs of organizations such as food pantries, clothing drives, toy giveaways, assistance/relief with utilities, and many other worthy causes. Also, we rise to the occasion when disaster strikes, working with disaster relief organizations in assisting victims and helping relief workers.


CHARITYVEHICLE.ORG is heavily involved in helping our community through first-hand involvement with various charitable organizations. We impact our community through a multitude of community services and philanthropic endeavors. Community improvement is our goal and is successfully achieved, largely, with generous donations from past and future contributors. 

As with any nonprofit, our success is a direct result of the actions of kind-hearted individuals who desire to provide a helping hand for the less fortunate. We are dedicated to providing effective and respectful charitable services for a community we have a responsibility to help. 

We provide previously unattainable access to food, shelter, and education. By salvaging donated vehicles we are a bridge between the donor and our non-profit affiliates. 

By using our vast network of local partners we strive to fufill our obligation to help others. CHARITYVEHICLE.ORG remains dedicated to the consitent pursuit of progressive efforts for efficient and effective public service. 


CHARITYVEHICLE.ORG is committed to conducting business ethically. Intrinsic in each core value is our commitment to be truthful, ethical, and dependable. 


     - We demonstrate our appreciation by providing our donors with superior service. Our goal is satisfaction for each and every donor.      


     - We persistently conduct our business to high standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity. 


     - We help our donors build better communities, support charities and gather resources to help make the world a better place.